Living and Working on Sheppey

Welcome to this website where you can find material from two research projects about the Isle of Sheppey!

Our latest work (2013-14) is a project called Imagine Sheppey which is about how young people imagine the future. This builds on our previous work in Living and Working on Sheppey: Past, Present and Future (2009-11) where we explored the history and changes in working lives on Sheppey in the last decades of the 20th century and into the 21st.
You can find out about both projects here!

If you are curious about young people and wonder about how they see the world and themselves within it, and what they imagine their futures have in store for them, you might be interested in:
•    Our Imagine Sheppey Fast Forward video made by the artists, Tea – coming soon!
•    Reading and listening to short essays written by young people in 2009-10 where they talk about their hopes and aspirations for their working lives, families, and travel as well as some of the difficulties they foresee

If you are more interested in the memories of older people, you can:
•    Watch the video Back and Forth on High Street Blue Town made by the artists, Tea where you can see images of Blue Town High Street past, present – and future! – and you can hear older people’s memories of everyday life on the High Street through the twentieth century
•    Listen to interview clips where some local people talk about topics such as the closure of the Dockyard, everyday life in Blue Town, various trades, and changes in family life across different generations
•    Read the interviews in full (you need to register to do that)

There’s plenty of other material about Sheppey on this website too – please browse! And don’t miss the chance to go on a journey around Sheerness Port, the site of the former Dockyard today.
Imagine Sheppey is part of Imagine, a large AHRC/ESRC Connected Communities research project (grant no ES/K002686/1), and was funded from 2013-14.
The Living and Working on Sheppey project was funded by the South East Coastal Communities Programme from 2009-11.

See Peter Hatton and Jenny Hurkett and discuss thIS project, the Blue Town Heritage Centre and the Isle of Sheppey in the video clip below.