Ray Pahl’s Sheppey Studies

Between 1978 and 1986 a number of interconnected research projects were undertaken on the Isle of Sheppey by the sociologist Ray Pahl and an interdisciplinary team of researchers that also included Nick Buck and Claire Wallace. The self-contained nature of the island community formed an ideal sample for study and Pahl and his team they pursued a number of survey, interview and ethnographic based approaches in their investigations.

Divisions of Labour cover picture

Divisions of Labour

Most of this research was used as raw material for Pahl’s publications – such as Divisons of Labour (1984). Here a broad historical examination of ways of working was contrasted with findings from his research into household divisions of labour amongst a number of families in Sheppey in the context of economic recession and high levels of unemployment (especially among young people). Other projects included a study of the expectations of children about to leave school, research into the attitudes and preoccupations of employers on Sheppey and the impact of the closure of the Sheerness Naval Dockyard.

Ray Pahl (2009)

A series of interviews with Ray Pahl about his research conducted in 1998 and 2004 are available from the UK Data Archive web resource ‘Pioneers of Qualitative Research’. In the course of these interviews he discusses his experiences of working on Sheppey and how it has informed his work as a sociologist. The ‘Pioneers’ resource includes audio and text extracts from the interviews as well as the option to download the transcription in full. The interview with Ray Pahl as a Pioneer of Qualitative Research is available at http://www.esds.ac.uk/qualidata/pioneers/pahl/; the section on Sheppey starts on page 68.

The original research material from these various projects has been preserved by the Economic and Social Data Service and archived at the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex. This includes completed questionnaires, interview recordings and interview transcriptions – much of it unpublished. Details of what individual research collections are also available, and how they can be accessed by researchers, is provided on the deposited datasets page of the Pioneers site: http://www.esds.ac.uk/qualidata/pioneers/pahl/RPdatasets.asp.

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